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LaTong.com is primarily a website bringing together diverse and varied work myself.

LaTong is a stress relief. a space of freedom and creation which wants to totally uninhibited. The site is the opportunity to offer total control in something totally free. This is particularly why you will not find here or advertising of specific expectations for what happened there.

Blog is intended as an intimate diary where my daily book, sometimes veering to great anything. The line between reality and fiction is always deliberately ambiguous.

Series section includes more serious drawings under one theme with outlets may be other than digital.

About possible partnerships or other, I gave up all pro status on graphics for devote myself fully and serenely on personal projects. also difficult to get involved in other projects for lack of time and the difficulties in finding a compromise / arrangement in group creation.

No one can say what really LaTong in the end, it will find out for yourself, and then if it’s your first visit to the site, then it will beat you.

Rule number 1: It is forbidden to talk about LaTong}.}

Rule Number 2: It is forbidden to talk about LaTong}.}

Turns your gun with this email address: mid.latong@gmail.com
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